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Delighted to Doula in Southfield MI - Doula Services
Prinscilla Moore - Founder of Delighted to Doula in Southfield MI

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium postpartum care to families through education and support while implementing the tools and knowledge needed to nurture their newborn.

About Us

Prinscilla Moore, CPD has been working with families throughout Michigan and Los Angeles, CA. My enthusiasm in childbirth and maternal health was sparked by my own birth experiences and outcomes. The term “Doula” was brought to my attention by a family member, so I decided to research and educate myself on childbirth and the role of a Doula. I discovered that if I had a Doula, my outcomes could have been very different. This is where my journey begins. I completed my Doula training for birth, postpartum, and Lactation Educator through Cappa (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association), organization, and formed Delighted to Doula Educational Services, L3C.

I found my passion in Postpartum Care because so many families plan for the birth, but don’t think about what happens when you get home for the first time with your newborn.  Helping mothers breastfeed and educating them on baby care needs, allows them to adjust and transition into motherhood.

Delight to Doula is a Michigan-based company. We also service Ohio, Canada, and California. We are looking forward to educating, supporting, and nurturing more families in postpartum care.

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