20 Hour Lactation Educator™ Course

Congratulations on your decision to invest in lactation education.  The three-day CLE course fulfills the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), US Core Competencies, doula breastfeeding education requirements, WIC Peer Counselor training, and awards 21.5 L-Cerps from IBCLC.  This course is the prerequisite to enroll in CAPPA Academy, the online certification course designed to instruct and guide students through the process of becoming a Certified Lactation Educator.  Additional coursework and investment required for certification.

After enrolling, an email containing a Study Guide, reading assignments and registration confirmation will be sent.  If you do not receive the email within a week of registering, please contact the instructor at

Please complete the registration form and submit payment for your upcoming training.

  • Terms

    Carefully read the following statements and signify that you agree to the terms listed by marking the box prior to paying for your training.

    I understand that there are no refunds for classes but I can transfer to another course with Delighted to Doula within 12 months of the original course date with approval from Delighted to Doula.

    I understand that I will need to complete a few homework assignments prior to the workshop.

    I understand that I should not make non-refundable travel reservations until Delighted to Doula has confirmed the workshop 30 days prior to the course.

    I understand that the three day training alone fulfills BFHI, Peer Counseling Training and the Core Competencies, but in order to become a Certified Lactation Educator I must join CAPPA (currently $55 annually) and enroll in the online CAPPA Academy (currently $175).

    As a participant of this training, I agree to allow Delighted to Doula/CAPPA to do the following:

    · Publish my name, address, phone number, and email address for the trainee class list and referral list.

    · Take photographs of the training which may include me, as well as allow the trainer and CAPPA to use these photographs for promotional purposes online and in print.

    · Use quotes from my training evaluations (which I may fill out anonymously) for promotional purposes online and in print.

    I understand that I may not record the training workshop (audio or video). I may take photographs only with the express permission of the trainer and the participants.

    I understand that this course is NOT an IBCLC exam prep course nor does attendance at this course, or certification as a CLE qualify a professional to perform lactation evaluation, assessment, or diagnosis of lactation related conditions.

    Certificate of training completion is given only if the entire training is attended, the Pre-Workshop Study Guide is completed, and training fees are paid in full.

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