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Chidinma Oke

My name is Chidinma Oke. I am originally from Nigeria where my midwifery and nursing career started. I am a cheerful, thoughtful and always ‘giggling mama’. I believe life is good and should be lived to the fullest. My career as a midwife started when I was 18 and loved it! ( Am 56 now😃) My journey to the US in 2010 brought me the reality that I cannot do what I love doing most – catching heads!. This took me to looking and I studied to get my license as a nurse first but not satisfied with that, I joined the AABC in 2015 and while working as a nurse I kept digging to see what midwifery I could do and did a little as a student from West Coast University student in 2017 as my clinicals in Gentle Beginning Birthing Center for 4 months. I was still looking when I bumped into a lady, Allison at School of Midwifery Utah who led me to Jenny Joseph who, after speaking with in turn led me to these wonderful girls – Delighted to Doula and The Abide Women! The story has not ended because it is yet to be told what comes next…

Sabra “Sweets” Barker

I absolutely love South Dallas! I have been a resident of the community for thirty years. It is the reason I am excited to work with Abide Women’s Health Services/Delighted to Doula, located in “Sunny South Dallas”.

The opportunity to serve the South Dallas/Fair Park community as a Post-Partum Doula allows me the chance to offer care and support to the Goddess’ of my community as they invest time in their recovery and overall healing after child birth.

I was born in South Dallas at Forest Avenue Hospital. I am the proud mother of three adult children. Previously, I worked for a national non-profit organization as Health and Wellness Director covering the Southern Sector branches of Dallas, Texas.

My most favorite saying is, “God is the greatest!”.

Tara Jones

Tara Jones is a native of Clovis, New Mexico, and moved to Texas at the young age of 12. She accepted her call to Christ at the tender age of 9 years old and has been serving Him since then. Tara is an Ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker, Leader and Teacher in the Order of the Eastern Star. Her motto for her chapter is, ” I lead to serve, if serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you!”. She is the mother of three wonderful young men, Christian 24, Cameron 21, and Corbin 13. Serving her children and teaching them to follow Christ has been her life’s mission. Tara is a member of Disciple Central Community Church, where she has served on various ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Marcus D. King. Tara’s motto is, “Be kind to everyone, for all are fighting their own personal battles”. Her hope is that all would know WHO Jesus truly is in their lives and be reconciled to the Body of Christ and live in abundance and joy that He called us to. That we all would understand as the prophet Jeremiah was told by God in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to give you a hope and a future.


After finishing her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, Devonique decided to practice birth work to further explore the psychological practice of bonding after birth. Birth is a monumental experience, and the fourth trimester is an extension of this euphoric transition!

Devonique is passionate about helping maintain mental stability during this time period by maximizing families’ postpartum support team. Not only do babies need care and attention, but parents need the same. Also, being a Community Doula allows Devonique to service those who are often underserved, overlooked, and have higher statistical rates of postpartum complications and postpartum mortality. Through providing education, and demonstrating application she has professionally helped families transition to meet their postpartum goals.

Devonique is a CAPPA-trained postpartum doula and plans to attend grad school to receive a MSW to become a clinical therapist. As a San Francisco Bay Area native new to Texas, she is also exploring Dallas, growing her family, and expanding her career in birth work