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Chidinma Oke

My name is Chidinma Oke. I am originally from Nigeria where my midwifery and nursing career started. I am a cheerful, thoughtful and always ‘giggling mama’. I believe life is good and should be lived to the fullest. My career as a midwife started when I was 18 and loved it! ( Am 56 now😃) My journey to the US in 2010 brought me the reality that I cannot do what I love doing most – catching heads!. This took me to looking and I studied to get my license as a nurse first but not satisfied with that, I joined the AABC in 2015 and while working as a nurse I kept digging to see what midwifery I could do and did a little as a student from West Coast University student in 2017 as my clinicals in Gentle Beginning Birthing Center for 4 months. I was still looking when I bumped into a lady, Allison at School of Midwifery Utah who led me to Jenny Joseph who, after speaking with in turn led me to these wonderful girls – Delighted to Doula and The Abide Women! The story has not ended because it is yet to be told what comes next…