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About The Motherhood Huddle Cafe

It’s time to reap the rewards of motherhood by receiving education, evidence-based information, solace, conversation, ideas, and tips for mommies and babies!

Motherhood Huddle Cafe is about supporting moms in a safe, judge free environment.  These “Huddle” meetings are hosted in home and online.

In Home Meetings:

Host a 2 hour “Huddle” meeting in the comfort of your home with other moms. This is a fun and interactive learning experience where the host chooses who to invite, pick 2 topics of your choice that you want to discuss, pick a date and time block, provide the snacks, and let the meeting begin!  Babies are always part of meeting, so have a place for them to play nearby.

Online Zoom Meetings:

While engaging in our 30 minute online “Huddle”, we will discuss topics that you can add to your playbook for the best parenting experience possible, such as: infant states, baby temperament, the crying curve, postpartum recovery, recipes for success, getting out with baby, and so much more!  Moms with babies one day old to 2 years old, join us every Tuesday morning from 10:30am – 11:00am.  Awake, crying, breastfeeding and attention grabbing babies are always welcome! Complete form to receive information about Huddle Meetings.

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